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PV Chengdu 2019 Have A Date with You Next March

In the past few years, China's solar energy has developed rapidly among which generating capacity ranks NO.1 around the world with a total installed capacity of 13 billion watts. The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”(2016-2020) is a key period for China's energy transformation and the sustainable and healthy development of photovoltaic industry. During this period, the provincial government has vigorously developed new energy and renewable energy sources and supported the distributed photovoltaic power generation projects that were consumed locally.

The organizing committee is busy preparing for PV Chengdu 2019 now, which will be held in Western China International Expo City during March 7th -9th. Organized jointly by Guangdong Solar Energy Association, South China Solar Energy Research Institute of SYSU and Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, co-organized by Chengdu Hongwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., PV Chengdu will gain supports from Power Supply Manufacturer Association(PSMA), European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization(CENELEC), Sichuan Province Resource Administration, Sichuan New Energy Industry Promotion Association(SCNEIPA), Guangdong Association of Circular Economy and Resources Comprehensive Utilization and Guangdong Province Standardization Technical Committee on Photovoltaic Energy Systems,etc. 

PV Chengdu 2019 firmly follows the new development trend of photovoltaic industry. Under the condition of“531”policy, PV Chengdu will actively assist enterprises to expand markets in South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Asia, etc. In order to provide a professional and participatory industry event for exhibitors and visitors, the show will take advantage of the resources of the photovoltaic industry and cooperate with hundreds of global industry associations, government and other institutions to ensure that our exhibitors have a good experience. Covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters, the exhibition will attract more than 400 well-known brands from home and abroad. The organizing committee will send millions of tickets and electronic tickets to people around the world and invite buyers through more than 2 million messages sharing the domestic and overseas solar photovoltaic procurement resources. It is expected that there will be 36,000 visits from more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

A number of summit forums, seminars, new product launches will be held concurrently which will also attract high-end professionals to participate in the fair which include 2019 China International Photovoltaic Development Forum, 2019 China International Energy Storage Technology Forum. Relevant government department leaders, industry experts and corporate seniors managers will be invited to the meeting to exchange ideas and give some tips for enterprises solving difficulties to achieve new breakthroughs of industry development. All in all, insiders from home and abroad gathered in Chengdu will talk about the future of PV.

PV Guangzhou 2019 has been supported by well-known photovoltaic industry organizations at home and abroad which include more than 300 professional media providing constant coverage and promotion such as,,  solar ofweek. com, PVP365,,,,, and so on. There are also above 80 mass media providing on-site coverage including China Central Television(CCTV), People's Daily, China National Radio, Guangdong Radio and Television station, Guangzhou Daily, Zaobao, Sina, and NetEase, etc. By integrating the resources of traditional media and emerging media such as TV, radio, newspapers, networks, mobile phones, etc., it will provide enterprises a first-class marketing and efficient platform.

Aiming at launching new products, presenting new technologies and promoting new service modes on the basis of the industry's advanced applicable technologies and products, PV Chengdu 2019 will be created as a grand event with efficient resource docking to promote the technical docking, achievement transformation and product trading among exhibitors. The exhibition focuses on photovoltaic production equipment, materials, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic application products and components, as well as photovoltaic engineering and systems and other high quality products, covering all aspects of the photovoltaic industry chain. There will be above 400 domestic and foreign PV-related exhibitors bringing in nearly 1,000 new products.

PV Chengdu 2019 will build a grand event never-ending, integrating superior resources, which will also adhere to the purpose of industry and commerce, regional cooperation, internal and external exchanges, and market development. The organizing committee will spare no efforts to create a large-scale, high-quality and high-efficiency procurement and cooperation platform!

For PV manufacturers such as domestic and foreign PV product manufacturers, distribution agents, traders, venture capitalists, photovoltaic engineering companies, energy engineering companies, etc., PV Chengdu 2019 is absolutely a great chance to exchange information, boost brands awareness and expand cooperation. We are looking forward to your visit on March 7th -9th, 2019!