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China is Undoubtedly the Global First PV Market
Translated by PV Guangzhou Committee
The world's top three solar market leaders, namely China, India and the United States, have installed a total of 48 GW of solar energy in the first nine months of 2018. China' s 34.5 GW installed capacity is far ahead of the world.
In the second quarter of 2018, the United States installed 2.3 GW of photovoltaic power and 1.6 GW of installed capacity in India. In the third quarter, the new PV installed capacity in the United States was 1.8 GW, and 1.6 GW in India. However, China's PV installed capacity was 14.45GW in the second quarter, and 8.71GW was added in the third quarter.
From the data by National Bureau of Statistics, China’s new PV installed capacity was 38.11GW by the end of November 2018. From August to November, PV installed capacity increased at a rate of less than 2GW per month, and it is estimated that the new PV installed capacity will be about 40GW in the whole year.
Some authoritative institutes in new energy field, such as BloombergNEF, IHS market, Solar power Europe and IEA, make a prediction on the new installed capacity of global PV market in 2018 that the installed capacity is between 100~110GW.
Towards the end of the year, the basic situation of the top three photovoltaic markets in the world is basically open-and-shut, and China will once again become the largest power on the planet in terms of photovoltaic new installed capacity. If not unexpected, the United States remains the second largest global photovoltaic market, while India ranks third.
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