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7 Key Aspects to Note for 2019 China PV Development
On this Dec. 25th, National Energy Administration of China held its annual conference to unveil plans for 2019 PV development, and the major thrusts can be concluded as follows: 
▪Keep pushing forward the solar energy for poverty alleviation programme; 
▪Further tap into the potentials of solar space heating in Northern China;
▪Vigorously support the upgrade of PV manufacturing;  
▪Accelerate the construction of EV charging facilities, including solar EV charging stations;
▪Put back on the agenda the upgrade of rural power grid;
▪Include solar power as an important guarantee for energy security in the economic development of Western, Northeastern, Central and Eastern China;
▪Seize solar business opportunities in Belt & Road markets.
In the whole, China will give a wider push to PV for 2019, opening up a bigger market. If you want to have a share of it, please don’t hesitate to join PV Guangzhou 2019!