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NEA announced 5.2GW PV was installed last season with distributed installation of 2.8GW

At the press conference held on April 29th, the National Energy Administration (also NEA) released two documents regarding energy sector and hydropower development, and briefed the public about the renewable energy generation in power system & complaint handling during January to March, and flood control & drought resistance in power sector in 2019, as well as the Power Safety Cultural Year. The authority also answered questions from journalists.
The development of renewable energy
As the grid-connected renewable energy system improved, in the first season, NEA adopted measures to eliminate wastes of renewable energies in line with the two documents regarding the solutions to the wastes of hydroenergy, wind energy and solar power, and the action plan on clean energy consumption. Companies including State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid and Inner Mongolia Grid worked to improve regulating capacity and electric power dispatching to increase utility of renewable energies.
The installation of renewable energy has been on the increase. Since the end of the first season, China’s installed capacity of renewable energy has reached 0.74bn KW, up from 11.24mn KW last season, mainly from hydroelectric, wind power, photovoltaic(PV) power and biomass power which respectively has a capacity of 353mn KW, 189mn KW, 180mn KW and 18.78mn KW. The newly added installed capacity of this season is 0.29mn KW, 4.78mn KW, 5.20mn KW and 0.97mn KW.
The utility of renewable energy has been greatly improved. In the first season, renewable energy output hit 0.39tn KW, up by 13 percent year on year. Its power generation accounted for 23.3 percent of the total, up by 1.2 percentage point year on year with approx. 0.22tn KW.h (up 12 percent) for hydroelectric, 0.10tn KW.h (up 6.3 percent) for wind power, 44bn KW.h (up 26 percent) for PV and 24.5bn KW.h (up 16.7 percent) for biomass power. No hydroelectric waste has been produced this season.
The development of grid-connected PV power system
In the first season, newly-added installed capacity for PV power generation was  5.2mn KW, with 2.4mn KW of PV power stations and 2.8mn KW of distributed PV power stations. South China, North China, East China and Central China have installed a capacity of 0.56mn KW, 1.46mn KW, 1.48mn KW and 0.80mn KW, and the newly-added installed capacity in Northeast China and Northwest China were 82,000 KW and 0.83mn KW respectively.
In the same season, China’s PV power output hit 44bn KW.h, up by 26 percent year on year. The utility hour of PV power averaged 240 hours with Northeast China(358 hrs) and Northeast China(286 hrs) claiming the top 2. In these two regions, the east of Inner Mongolia, the west of Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and Heilongjiang provinces have utilized PV power for respectively 421 hrs, 387 hrs, 413 hrs and 361 hrs.
The rate of solar energy waste averaged 2.7 percent around the nation, down by 1.7 percentage point, with Xinjiang(12 percent), Gansu (7 percent) and Qinghai(5 percent) claiming the top three.
Source: National Energy Administration
Translated by PV Guangzhou Committee
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