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Media Partnership with Chinese Association for Renewable Energy


Chinese Association for Renewable Energy (CARE) was founded in 2015 and registered in NSW Fair Trading’s Registry Services. The association creates a professional platform that can facilitate the communications and strengthen the links between all the members. After years of growths, we have gathered more than 500 members across multiple renewable energy sectors including wind, solar, battery storage, and energy efficiency. CARE has now become Australia’s largest Chinese community in the renewable energy industry and one of the most important local professional networks.
CARE regularly provides the people who work or study in renewable energy sector with rich opportunities for industrial networking and information exchange. It has now held and jointely organised more than 20 offline events. The association proactively communicates with academics and industry leaders, to propose and conduct various projects in technical research, marketing services, entrepreneurship, and innovation. CARE publishes the latest news of Australia's renewable industry and initiates market investigations, vocational training and other services, to help enterprises or individuals to accommodate Australia's renewable market.
CARE-UNSW and CARE Shanghai are the two sub-branches of the association. Given the deep relationship with the world renowned university in renewable energy, we established CARE-UNSW as a student society managed by the student members. The society provides the student members with services in many aspects such as networking and career guidance. CARE Shanghai is operated by the CARE local representative and our partner Leader Associates Group. The team will be the best contact point when you have a excellent opportunity landing to Australia. 
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