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Media Partnership with Ukrainian Biofuel Portal


Ukrainian Biofuel Portal is an international specialized online b2b platform on biomass, biofuels, used cooking oil and , edible oils: crude sunflower oil, crude degummed rapeseed oil (CDRO) that is aimed to assist companies in expanding their business, building strong relations between suppliers and buyers.  


Ukrainian Biofuel Portal is focused on:
· The projects related to solid and liquid biofuel production (
of wood chips, wood pellets, agrіpellets, fuel briquettes, charcoal, biodiesel);

· Collecting information about the companies of biofuel sector;
· Compiling bases of companies which are involved in biofuel business;
· Feasibility studies;
· Cost estimates;
· Project and investment economic analysis;
· Biomass and biofuels logistics (collecting, handling, storage, transport).


Ukrainian Biofuel Portal
04071 Ukraine, Kiev, Mezhygorskaya str. 56
Tel: +38-097-65-69-035