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South China vigorously develop thin film solar cell
China thin film solar cell standard organization - thin film solar cells Standards Committee of China Electronics Standardization Association was established in Foshan, Guangdong in 2010. The Commission has a positive effect for China making more efforts to promote the innovation of thin film solar cell technology, the major standard-setting, and the standard use of the promotion work.
Guangdong government document states: with the construction of Green Guangdong achieved an “initial success”, the government decide to shut down small thermal power orderly and promote energy conservation and pollution reduction effectively. Guangdong Province electricity situation is grim with populated living and developed industry, the decision of shutting down small thermal power indicate that the government has placed great hopes on the solar photovoltaic industry.
The files about key breakthroughs in core technologies in Guangdong during the 12th Five-Year indicate that Guangdong will focus on the development of thin film solar photovoltaic cells and materials, while “Program to accelerate the development of high-tech service industry” issued by the Economic and Information Technology Commission of Guangdong Province also points out the government will firstly promoting the development of thin film solar cells and some related energy.
PV experts said: thin film solar industry is bound to occupy an important position in the field of solar cells, and its prospects are very promising. To greatly develop thin film solar cells, Guangdong need the support of a large number of new manufacturing equipment and materials to produce excellent thin film solar cells.