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Media Partnership with Batteries event
The Li-ion Battery Market Increase from 2 GWh in 2000 to 200 GWh in 2020!
In value, the market for batteries and their components has experienced a strong double-digit growth and several positive factors should ensure that the rally continues.
From 1999 to 2013 this growth was based on a continuously changing portable electronics market (laptops, smartphones, tablets). Then, the electrification of the automobile became a strong driving force. While electric vehicles remain a niche market, it is a large market for batteries. Thanks to huge incentives, China lead the EV market but Europe wakes-up after the diesel gate and all the OEM announced strong investment in EV. On top of that, the energy storage for renewable energy integration, Telecom base station, back-up or UPS are even more promising.
For 20 years, the Batteries event has remained one of the World’s most attractive event and the meeting place for technologies (lead acid, NiMH, Li-ion, Post Li-ion), applications (from micro batteries to large format batteries) and the value chain (raw material suppliers, components manufacturers, OEMs, end users, recyclers, investors,)...
BATTERIES 2020 will be held in Lyon, from October 7th to 9th, 2020 at Marriott Lyon Cité Internationale. The Batteries Event will cover all aspects of the battery circular economy, beginning from the production of the battery through raw materials, battery manufacturing, battery use and safety, management and applications, going through market trends, research and development, new technologies and finally closing the loop with a focus on recycling, second life and regulations. International battery industry key players such as OEM, battery manufacturers, end users, experts, researchers and recyclers will come together to discuss and exchange on new chemistries, manufacturing process, battery components, battery second life, recycling, producer regulatory obligations in Europe, future expectations and innovations.