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APPrO is a non-profit trade organization representing Ontario's independent power producers and related businesses. Our membership is made up of more than 100 companies involved in the generation of electricity in Ontario, including generators and suppliers of equipment as well as legal and consulting services.
APPrO's generator members produce most of Ontario's electricity, relying on clean and renewable sources including co-generation, hydro-electric, gas, nuclear, wind energy, waste wood, and solar.
Only APPrO focuses 100% on the business issues of power producers in Ontario. APPrO members build independent power projects and are premier electricity suppliers in Ontario, across Canada and elsewhere in the world. Our varied membership provides an all-inclusive view of the market and positions APPrO as the leading advocacy group for generators in Ontario, giving voice to all parts of Ontario’s generation sector.
The Canadian economy is moving quickly to decarbonize and many companies and government agencies welcome proposals for economic equipment to offset more carbon intensive forms of generation.
APPrO offers a wide range of sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities key for building profile at the premiere annual Canadian power event, APPrO 2020,  Powering Recovery - the 32nd Annual Canadian Power Conference & Networking Event takes place on December 1 & 2, 2020.
This year APPrO 2020 will be using an exciting new virtual platform - providing multiple opportunities for networking with high level operations and corporate management from a variety of NGOs concerned with energy development, government and regulatory officials, and private sector players involved in many new opportunities emerging daily.
Further, APPrO publishes the respected industry journal "IPPSO FACTO" on the APPrO Magazine website, as well as three additional sites (Corporate, Conference & Directory) - all of which offer valuable advertising space for those interested in building, growing and maintaining profile in the Canadian power industry.
Consider Canada as a destination for your products! Contact us today to hear more about how we can make your virtual visit work for you!
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