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SOLAR PV EXPO Advisor & Media Parter --- ExpoSolar Colombia

ExpoSolar Colombia an opportunity for all players in the solar and other renewable energy sector


ExpoSolar Colombia to be held this year between October 20 and 22, is the fair event for renewable energies with the highest participation of different countries, 20 from the Latin American and Caribbean region and 15 from Europe and Asia, where we are accompanied by the largest manufacturers of equipment and tools for the solar and other renewable energy sector; With this large-scale event, we seek to promote this nascent sector as an important driving force for the economy and sustainable development, essential at this time when both entrepreneurs and consumers of goods and services seek sustainable traceability to make decisions.

Starting in 2020, with the development of our own digital platform developed in-house, the international character has been consolidated by involving the participation of 64 countries, a platform that additionally strengthens our training capacity (congresses, conferences and courses), and Communication.

In both versions we aim to bring together the entire productive chain of the sector, with the aim of consolidating ourselves as one of the greatest generators of employment in this period of reactivation and reconstruction of the business fabric and sustainable development that modern society requires, and for this, We call on academia, manufacturers of solar and wind technology, distributors, marketers of solar and wind technology, support, maintenance and cleaning companies, epists, banks and other actors in the chain, thus making visible an infinity of options that we shows that beyond the sale and installation of renewable energy systems, we are part of a productive and labor ecosystem where we expect entrepreneurs who with various initiatives contribute to the consolidation of the sector.

During the event, like the previous versions, in addition to dealing with aspects
of both thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, other highly relevant issues will be addressed such as energy efficiency, LED lighting, electric mobility and this year as a special theme for the congress, green hydrogen.
This year 2021 we are celebrating our anniversary and we celebrate the 5th version of the ExpoSolar Colombia hybrid fair, and to celebrate it we have two special purposes:
1. To shape an economic community of solar energy in the Latin American and Caribbean region, with a special task of commercializing the developments, inventions and patents generated by some entrepreneurs or people in any country in the region; For this we are developing a catalog that describes and socializes them in search of partners or distributors in the region.
2. Consolidate a large business roundtable, taking advantage of the versatility of our digital platform, with an ambitious goal of 6,000 business appointments generated through our ExpoSolar Negotia APP, delivered one month in advance of the fair.
Thus, we are inviting each of you to place your role within this important event of solar energy and other renewable energies and to register, guaranteeing to be a protagonist in this energy transition process that we are living in the region.
To facilitate their work, we describe the forms of participation in the fair with their respective registration links and where they can additionally request more information.
1. Exhibitor
2. Participant in academic activity (congress and technical talks) (Free)
3. Business Visitor at Business Conference
4. General Visitor (Free).
5. Sponsor
6. In the catalog of patents and developments. (Free)
We hope to have you as one of the participants in ExpoSolar Colombia 2021 in any of the aforementioned categories. If you require further guidance, you can direct your concerns to the email or contact the number (WhatsApp): +57 3008654136.