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Chinese First Demonstration Project of ‘Photovoltaic Forestry’ in Dessert
Recently, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Forestry Administration has issued an announcement tailored to the fund application for photovoltaic forestry project proposed by Forestry Bureau. Photovoltaic Forestry basically refers to that forestry industry can be well developed by taking advantage of photovoltaic technology so as to achieve sand-control effect.
The reply letter agreed in principle that the project will be adopted in the Inner Mongolia demonstration base of photovoltaic forestry project. The photovoltaic power generation and photo-thermal generation of 1GW are projected to set in Hobq Desert. It is a new program that combing the sand-control technology and afforestation technology.
As per the largest scale of 1000MW solar photovoltaic and photo-thermal power generation, the Photovoltaic Forestry Project is reported to be the first demonstration project all over China. By investing approximately 10.917 trillion yuan with 800MW photovoltaic power and 200MW photo-thermal power, almost 17,000 acres dessert will be controlled. Ultimately what counts is that the project is under construction on the rental undeveloped barren sandy lands.
It is reported that the photovoltaic components used in this project are very functional and practical, which can be used for power generation, sunlight shading, wind sheltering. About 800mm/a of evaporation and 1.5m/s of wind speed can be decreased in the dessert. Besides, when developing water saving techniques below the PV components such as the tiny spraying technique and drip irrigation under membrane, and infiltrating irrigation, more than 90% water volume and over 30% survival rate of plants can be reached in comparison with the old traditional irrigation.
So far, the project has successfully built a grid-connected PV sand control power station of 310MW. It is of great benefit to the whole society. The ecological environment as well as the economy benefit can be achieved.
China is attaching much importance to the photovoltaic industry. Besides the related official announcements issued by government, many grand events such as the 9th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition are displaying a professional platform to step up the industry development.