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New Energy Power Generation Displacing Coal-fired Electricity
The Fifth Session of the 12th National People's Congress was grandly inaugurated on March 5, 2017 at the Great Hall of People in Beijing. In accordance with the Report on the Work of the Government that delivered by Premier Li, a series of national development and progresses had been reported. Here are some crucial summaries about the energy sector.
China plans to slash 50 million tons of steel capacity and 150 million tons of coal capacity, and eliminate or postpone the building of 50 million kilowatts of coal-fired power generation capacity this year with the purpose of increasing the efficiency of coal electricity industry as well as stepping up the cleaning energy prosperity, Premier Li Keqiang said in the Government Work Report at the fifth session of the 12th National People's Congress.
In 2017, China will implement the integrated management on the loose coal and facilitate the cleaning heating programs of China’s northern regions. By displacing the coal-fired heating for more than 3 million households, the gas heating progress will get rid of all the coal-fired boilers in the cities at prefecture level and above. Besides, Chinese governments will also strengthen efforts on the minimum emission of coal-fired power plants as well as the energy conservation. It is projected to finish the projects of eastern and middle region in these two years while the projects in Chinese western region will be rounded off by 2020.
It is urgent to cope with the mechanical and technique issues which are of great importance to preferentially guarantee the power generation and network backed by renewable energy. It is also essential to enhance the resource utilization of straw.
This year, China is scheduled to set the assessment methods on the evaluating of ecological culture construction so as to build the national ecological civilization experimental zone. It is required to improve the air pollution by mandating a reduction of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide by 5.6% and 4% respectively. At that time, the annual concentration of the particulate or the PM 2.5 in the 74 cities will fall by 9.1%. Meanwhile, to optimize the energy structure, the proportion of cleaning energy will increase about 1.7% while the coal consumption will decrease by 2%.
Statistically, by the end of 2016, Chinese installed and newly installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation ranked the first globally, among which the newly installed capacity reached 34.54 million kilowatts while the installed capacity of it was 77.42 million kilowatts in total. The installed capacity and distributed capacity of photovoltaic power station were respectively 67.10 million KW, 10.32 million KW.
In 2016, the capacities of wind curtailment and photovoltaic curtailment in China were respectively reached 49.7 billion KW and 7.4 billion KW, which raised 46.6% and 85% respectively. However, it is predicted that in 2017 the development of them would get worse. As per the current policy and consumption model, the capacities of wind curtailment and photovoltaic curtailment is expected to be 57 billion KW and 14.2 billion KW in 2017.
As the seriousness of the smog has continued unabated, the power generation by new energy will displace the coal-fired electricity. And the development of new energy will be high on the agenda, the new energy could usher the future.