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Distributed Photovoltaic Under the Spotlight

The 4th Guangdong Distributed Photovoltaic Forum 2017was successfully wrapped up on March 30, reported by the Sina Finance. A group of prominent entrepreneurs and local energy department officials had shown their utmost confidence to the distributed photovoltaic market on site. They acclaimed that the generating capacity of domestic distributed PV market is projected to reach 6 trillion degrees and after 2020 the distributed photovoltaic will domain the most of cities of Guangdong province.

Mr. Gao Jifan, President & CEO of Trina Solar

Mr. Gao Jifan believes that the domestic distributed photovoltaic market has tremendous outlook. He said, “ there are about 20 million households in Chinese rural areas and a great amount of industrial roofs, which can generate more than 3-4 trillion degree power capacities.” he has calculated the carrying capacity of domestic distributed photovoltaic market will boasts about 6 trillion degrees, which is extremely potential and profitable.

The National Energy Administration has earlier set a goal and strove to achieve 110 GW installed capacity of solar power generation by 2020. Remarkably, in 2017 about 100 GW installed capacity is able to make with a rapid growth. Considering the current installed capacity of 25-30 GW with the year-on-year growth, it is estimated that by 2020 the installed capacity of domestic photovoltaic generating will be 200 GW.

Mr. Fan Junlin, New Energy Industry Office of Guangdong Energy  Administration
Mr. Fan Junlin had introduced the development status of Guangdong photovoltaic market. As the solar radiation in Guangdong is quite strong especially in Zhanjiang, Yangjiang and Sanwei cities, the average length for the photovoltaic serving in the whole Guangdong province could be approximately 1000 hours. Besides, owing to the extensive roof areas and the abundant rainfall resources, the photovoltaic outlook is very promising.
Mr. Fan pointed out that the distributed photovoltaic projects in Guangdong province mainly center on the Pearl River Delta regions. By the end of 2016, the total installed capacity of Guangdong’s photovoltaic had been unprecedentedly reached 1.6 million KW, of which 0.9 million KW distributed photovoltaic.
He also denoted that several solid measures has been taken to beef up the development of Guangdong photovoltaic power generation. For instance, project management will be simplified and photovoltaic online record will be made; the photovoltiac power stations will have chances to apply for government support.; subsidies and investment will be put into effect.

Miss Peng Liuqing, Guangzhou Municipal Development & Reform Commission

Miss Peng revealed that since from 2014, Guangzhou has been always focusing on the photovoltaic generating support and in 2016, 12 million subsidies has been assured to invest.

During the 13th Five Year Plan, the newly installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic has seen a steady growth while the increment of photovoltaic power stations will be increased gradually. She claimed that the installed capacity of photovoltaic by 2020 will be above 4 million KW in line with the planning target of Guangdong. With all the continuous efforts, the distributed photovoltaic will be under the spotlight in Guangdong region.

Based in Guangzhou, one of the most promising city to develop the photovoltaic market, the 9th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2017 (PV Guangzhou 2017) is scheduled to render every insider a unique trade platform. Backed by its experienced exhibition arrangement and a wealth of industry resources, PV Guangzhou 2017 is bound to make a difference to the industry.

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