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No Upper Limit on the Size of PV Power Station in Poverty-alleviation Villages

Mr. Xu Jianmin, the Deputy Director General of State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development recently denoted that there will be no upper limit on the size of village-level PV power stations in 2017. And the general construction will be conducted in line with 100-300Kw generating capacity. According to the study issued by the Office, there are almost 50 thousand poverty-alleviation villages have the eligibility to build the photovoltaic power stations. The installed capacity of poverty alleviation power stations of village level could reach 10Gw.

In China, there are 232 poverty-stricken counties among which most of the local transportation is quite undeveloped. Since from 2014, the governments have been prompt to settle the pilot counties and managed to improve the local photovoltaic. Having made such great strides, 30 counties across 6 provinces have been trying out for photovoltaic poverty alleviation. On the whole, the photovoltaic poverty alleviation has achieved initial success.

Another 10 million people getting rid of poverty in 2017

The government work report in 2017 has underlined the poverty alleviation and put forward the goal of eliminating10 million rural poverty population. In recent days, National Energy Administration held a meeting and ensured the photovoltaic poverty alleviation as one the four key tasks in 2017, which marks the photovoltaic poverty alleviation into the advancing stage.

The photovoltaic poverty alleviation in 2016 mainly adopted two patterns to construct, the village-level power station and centralized poverty alleviation power station. During the first stage in 2016, the total generating capacity of village-level power station was 2.18 Gw while the centralized one was 2.98 Gw. However, the centralized power station pattern had some hard nuts to crack, including problems like the construction land, distribution of income, upgrading of power grids, etc.

No Upper Limit on the Size of PV Power Stations in poverty alleviation villages

Mr. Xu Jianmin, the Deputy Director explained that the village-level power station will be constructed as the main pattern in regards of the problems of the centralized power station. And this pattern power station will be under the construction in the eligible poor rural areas with the capacity of 100-300Kw.

In accordance with the instruction paper issued by the National Energy Administration, the second batch of photovoltaic poverty-alleviation projects will be presented. The layout and construction of the respondent photovoltaic projects will be further optimized with no upper limit on the size of PV power stations in poverty alleviation villages. In addition, the coordination among the grid consumption, expenditure settlement will be strengthened so as to ensure the project construction goes on wings.

Why center on the Village-level Power Station?

1. In comparison with the centralized one, a village-level power station only costs about 1million -2million yuan on the initial investment and covers a dozen of acres, which greatly speed up the coordination.

2. To construct the power station with standard capacity of 100Kw-300Kw in line with the rural areas grid.

3. All the poverty alleviation subsidies will hand out by the village committees, which contributes to the reputation of village level Party organization and the smooth development of other tasks.

Photovoltaic Credit Spread Nationwide

Mr. Xu demonstrated that the governments will negotiate with the financing institutes for further subdivided credit conditions and standards. With a more developed and specific standard and requirement, the photovoltaic projects could be better promoted.

The High-Level Governments Highlight the PV Poverty Alleviation

Mr. Xu also stated that the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development summed up 12 cases on the poverty alleviation projects, among which one is about the PV poverty alleviation. Needless to say, the photovoltaic outlook is of great significance.

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