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Domestic Photovoltaic Businesses Encouraged to Go Global

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Photovoltaic industry is advanced by global energy transformation led by solar energy. As the representative of emerging industry and new power, photovoltaic industry has undergone a round of climax period. However, it is also bothered by issues like dependence on subsidy, high cost, technical upgrading. On 2nd March, a report issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC, showed China’s photovoltaic industry in 2016 was in good operation.

Production Scale Ranks the First in the World

Photovoltaic industry taking advantage of semi-conduct and new energy demand becomes an integral part of existing international energy fields. In 2016, China’s photovoltaic industry keeps steady upturns and achieve ¥33.60 billion output value with year-on-year growth of 27%.

China’s photovoltaic industry owns obvious development features. Firstly, its industry scale keeps enlarging. In 2016, the output of polycrystalline silicon, silicon wafer, photovoltaic module were greatly increased and output of each chain industry exceeded more than 50%, ranking the first globally. Secondly, the photovoltaic enterprises underwent a sound business. Among the 31 listed PV companies, there were 9 companies profit over 100% growth. In addition, the market-oriented resource integration was accelerated rapidly while the willingness for enterprises to merge was enhanced. For instance, Henan Yicheng New Energy succeeded in recombining LDK while LONGI bought the Malaysia plant of SunEdison.It is due to the cut-throat competition as well as ongoing innovation that the photovoltaic market has been instilled with enormous vigor and vitality.

Accelerate Pilots Implementation

The achievement utilization of emerging industry takes a long process to go. Mr. Zhu Ming engaged as the Minister of National Energy Bureau considered that the main obstacle of PV power generation is high cost. Meanwhile, the power system is short of mechanism and technology, and partial regions encounter severe photovoltaic abandoned problem.

To address the issue, one the one hand, photovoltaic industry manages to reduce cost. On the other hand, China strives to boost its diversity and application, aiming to give play to the functions of green parks and factories. By the way of exploring applications on sewage treatment plant, residential zone, sports venue, high speed road and other dependent areas, it is fundamental to speed up the new energy charging pilots of photovoltaic systematic application.

Tap into Emerging Market Progressively

Photovoltaic products of high quality and low cost contributes a lot to the development of world’s photovoltaic market. And partial countries have been implementing related trade protection polices one after another, which handicapped the process to global application of China’s photovaltaic. Nevertheless, China has always been seeking for breakthroughs to go globally.

Led by Belt and Road Initiative since from 2016, China’s photovoltaic enterprises extend businesses to over 20countries and regions at abroad with more than 5GW output capacity. Exports to India, Turkey, Chilly, Pakistan, etc. remarkably grows while exports to Europe and America reduced by more than 30%. To some extent, it illustrates the decreasing influence caused by ‘anti-dumpling and anti-bribery’ policies of Europe and America.

Belt and Road Initiative proves to be a huge opportunity for domestic photovoltaic industry to expand overseas business. Because photovoltaic industry will be a good solution for a majority of countries along the belt and road who are shortage of electricity as well as the basic conditions to build up large power grid or power plant. Instead, China’s photovoltaic products are recognized for its affordable prices as well as steady or solid power capacity, greatly fueling the development of belt countries’ power sector. For China, to spread cleaning energy technology is exactly the way we will shall embark.

In the future, China will undoubtedly beef up the cooperation of photovoltaic enterprises and its applications. Furthermore, more efforts will be invested on the emerging markets in South America, Central and West Asia, Africa so as to enhance China’s competitive advantage in photovoltaic industry.

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