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China’s Photovoltaic Driven by Belt and Road Initiative to Go Global

In recent years, the world’s energy system speeds up transformation towards low carbonization and throws the spotlights on renewable energy. By taking advantage of China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, China’s photovoltaic enterprises are much involved with markets along the belt. Not only have they begun to export cutting-edge industries and highly-caliber products, but spread development concept and experience on low carbonization. In this context, China’s new image featured with green concept has been well recognized in the international market.

1. Innovation against Anti-dumpling and Anti-subsidy Investigation

The first devastating watershed for China’s photovoltaic industry was the anti-dumpling and anti-subsidy investigation launched by European Commission(EC) as earlier as in Sept. 2012. Then in Oct., US Department of Commerce made arbitration to impose high taxes against imports of photovoltaic modules into EU from China. China then was hard hit and domestic photovoltaic industry was in severe depression as Europe and America were the two biggest markets for China.

Sometimes, pressure could be somehow a kind of motivation. To get rid of this dilemma, Chinese photovoltaic enterprises look for new business approach and make innovation against anti-dumpling and anti-subsidy investigation. By taking good advantage of Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese governments encourage and support them to overcome all obstacles. Solar energy boasts vast development space in Latin America, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc. It is much likely to expand more emerging markets further and advance its globalization.

For instance, China-based business, Trinasolar has been setting overseas manufacturing bases in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Netherlands, and other regions by investing, joint venture or merging, which gives impetus to expand its international markets.

2. Seize Opportunities among Markets along Belt and Road Initiative

Belt and Road Initiative creates lots of business opportunities for China’s photovoltaic enterprises to extend overseas investment. As the majority of countries along the belt are developing countries lack of power infrastructure, natural energy and affordable price. In turn, they are home to good sunlight resources ideal for photovoltaic. Having well acknowledged that, a batch of leading photovoltaic enterprises seized these unrivaled opportunities and tapped into developing countries’ markets. 

Jinko Solar opened its Malaysian manufacturing base in 2015 in response to Belt and Road Initiative. The plant has reached an annual production capacity of 1.5GW of photovoltaic cells and 1.3GW of components with yearly output value of 45 billion dollars. Meanwhile, Jinko Solar has invested additional over 1 million dollars to set photovoltaic research center for photovoltaic modules development, experiment and testing.

Enterprise who benefits from state policy also falls to Sumec. Baked by years’ experience in new energy development, Sumec takes active in new energy industry planning among countries along the belt and facilitate new energy industry of these countries. In 2016, its affiliated joint venture, Global Solar Co.Ltd finished the photovoltaic power plant project in Turkey. This power plant spanning over 8 hectares is estimated to reduce about 3,000 ton carbon dioxide emission. In addition, Sumec also emphasis on the energy development in South East Asia and South Asia. In Pakistan, Sumec this year will contract to build wind power project of 50MW capacity while partner with listed company VTE to conduct new energy businesses in  South East Asia.

3. Convey Low-carbon Green Development Concept and Experience

Belt and Road Initiative belongs to the world and pursues for global prosperity. President & CEO of Trinasolar, Mr Gao Jifan remarked, “transportation and energy play crucial roles in the development and construction of countries along the belt and road, infrastructure. At the moment, China takes lead in photovoltaic, wind energy industries when advancing low-carbon production reform. As the decreasing cost of photovoltaic power generation, world’s energy industries are facing the transformation era a new energy system takes into shape gradually while renewable energy centered and intelligent energy online platform supported. Adhering with Belt and Road Initiative, China’s photovoltaic businesses are capable of tapping into the cleaning energy markets around the world and convey low-carbon green development concept, experience.

Nowadays, China’s photovoltaic industry comes of age around the world especially with the solid support of government. Dedicating to creating the most influential Solar Photovoltaic trading platform in Asia, the 9th Guangzhou Int’ l Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition(PV Guangzhou 2017) is an excellent trade platform to flood into China and buy premier products.

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