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“Belt and Road”, the New Gate Heading to Southeast Asia Market for the Solar Industry

“One belt and One Road” Forum in Beijing sets to open the gate for traders in Southeast Asia market. It is a fresh new chance in the history for the solar industry in China to explore a wider and larger international market and to export products with high price-performance while further contributes to the deployment in renewable energy development, thus being a green symbol in the global market. Meanwhile, the Solar industry would not merely push the construction of social infrastructure, but further offers employment in the local area.  

Upsides of pumping investment in Southeast Asia Market

Countries alongside “The Belt” equips with huge advantages. Most “Belt countries” are developing countries which generally layout around earth equator, featured with imperfect social infrastructure, less natural resources, but high expense on thermal power. On the other hand, considering the weather in those countries largely stay in the tropical and subtropical zone, solar industry companies in China could fully exploit the rich solar energy since its super long day length. Additionally, island countries may take advantages of sea water for the reason that sea water can reflect sunlight, thereby increasing the utilization efficiency.  

Two industry pioneers in India and Malaysia

Since 2015, Hareonsolar has signed an agreement that this bilateral cooperation program would launch at Andhra Pradesh, and conjointly exploited, built up and run the solar power plant in the following 25 years. Now Hareonsolar’s factory has been established successfully, and run smoothly. In the future, Hareonsolar’s concentration would transfer into Southeast Asia market, and bring advanced technologies and capitals to those countries. Dr. Jie Zhang, the CEO of Hareonsolar, said that “Icing on the cake does not seek, but for timely help. It is a meaningful program in India because India people are in need.”

Likewise, Jinko Solar is another pioneer in the solar industry. Jinko Solar production base has launched in the year of 2015, building up with its Business Strategy Partner-Malaysia. This production base was established at Penang City, occupied 121,000 square meters. With up to one billion U.S dollars investment, this factory can generate 1.5GW electricity annually, which values 4.5 billion U.S dollars. Today Jinko Solar has hired 4100 staff, and 98% of them are local employment. Meanwhile, Jinko Solar set up another research center in Malaysia, particularly investigating and researching on development, experiment and adjustment. Jinko Solar is likely to push the local tertiary education and cooperation, as well as cultural communication, thus training a professional team for the local development in solar industry.

The 9th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (PV Guangzhou) will be held on August 16-18, 2017. On the occasion, plenty of well-known solar industry companies such as CSG, Growatt, Auto-one and Intefly etc are likely to engage in this expo. Thanks to the national plan of “Belt and Road”, PV Guangzhou would welcome exhibitors and visitors overseas, especially “Belt countries” from Southeast Asia. 

9th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2017 (PV Guangzhou 2017)

Date: August 16th-18th, 2017

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex


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