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China’s PV Industry Internationally Highly-acclaimed
China is poised to embark on a fresh ground on photovoltaic industry. As the largest producer in the world, China has been always making strides in photovoltaic development and notching up crowning achievements in recent years.
China Stands First in Photovoltaic Installation Capacity
China has titled the largest capacity of new photovoltaic installation for four years. In addition to that, the polysilicon, silicon, battery cells and modules markets have seen swift growth. Specific growth info could be figured out as the chart below shows.


Production Capacity

 Year-on-year Growth


194,000 ton


Silicon Wafer



Battery Cell

﹥ 49GW





Progressively Improved Technology with Competitive Production Cost
The progressively improved technology of photovoltaic industry marks a far-reaching step thanks to governments’ supports on policy and finance. Remarkably, silicon material is down to $10 / kg from $18 / kg while the photovoltaic module is decreased to 35 cents / watt from 60 cents / watt. And the production cost of photovoltaic inverter is dropped to 0.3 yuan / watt from 0.7 yuan / watt. To this end, China of course boasts an unrivalled competitiveness around the world. 
Hail the Success of Photovoltaic Cooperation Internationally
Backed by the top-notch technology and competitive price, China’s photovoltaic industry has hailed the success of photovoltaic cooperation internationally!
EDF EN France has chosen Trina Solar’ s Dual Glass 1,500V modules for its 12 MW PV power plant in Fos Sur Mer, Southern France. Trinasolar is proved to become the priority on photovoltaic products with its top-performing product quality and photovoltaic solution.
China’s YingLi Group won the partnership of Britain-based design consultancy Inventid and charity SolarAid, for the design of SM100 solar light which has marketed into African countries. The victory of YingLi Group hints the potential of China’s photovoltaic industry expanding international markets.
JinkoSolar has teamed up with Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore(SERIS) on the development of high-efficiency bifacial solar cells. Their sound collaboration on the new products will greatly contribute to the photovoltaic industry and China’s PV sector.
China’s photovoltaic industry embraces a more brighter and promising future to go global. If you do yearn for market shares of China’ photovoltaic industry, the flagship trade show PV Guangzhou is supposed to be a not-to-be-missed event. Save the Dates!
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