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Less than 2% of China’s Domestic Photovoltaic Market is Developed

There are two kinds of photovoltaic power generation, one is large power station, and the other one is distributed photovoltaic power generation that is mostly used for household rooftop-mounted photovoltaic.

In China, the rural and urban areas are advocating distributed photovoltaic power generation urgently with the backing of governments’ subsidy and national green development initiative. It is reported that China’s rural land occupies approximately 60% of the total. In this case, domestic photovoltaic market in rural areas accounts for the vast bulk of the total. There are about estimated 30 million households with roof buildings conservatively in China and more than 1.5 trillion-2.5 trillion watts of capacity will be reached. However, the development proportion of China’s photovoltaic market with trillions of watts of capacity is less than 2%. Namely, China’s photovoltaic industry remains a tremendous potential market in the next following decades, especially by taking the advantage of national support policies.

People’s awareness of photovoltaic power generation has been exceedingly enhanced in recent years. And the distributed photovoltaic market in rural areas has been profoundly improved. The popularity of domestic photovoltaic in China mainly is  attributed to the factors below.

Attraction of Chinas Domestic Photovoltaic

1. Fast and Efficient Installation

In China, domestic photovoltaic power generation is extremely in high efficiency regarding its application procedure, installation, grid connection and subsidies realization, which could be finished within 10 working days.

2. Small Investment

In urban cities, the installed photovoltaic capacity mostly reaches 5-8kWp while in some large rooftop household, the installed photovoltaic capacity approaches 10kWp and much more. Generally speaking, the solar photovoltaic system for the capacity of 5-8kWp only takes 60,000-100,000 yuan investment which could be back within four to 6 years.

3. Simple Gird Connection

Grid connection in China simply could be made when showing your property certification. For grid connection, nothing specialized accessible equipment will be used but the components and inverter switch.

4. Prompt Subsidy

For the time being the distributed photovoltaic subsidy marks the fastest energy projects to apply and return. For the household projects, subsidy execution is typically achieve every three months. 

5. High Return

The highly-advocated application of distributed photovoltaic power generation features with three pieces of return, which are national or regional full subsidy, electricity bills and national grid sales revenue.

6. Environmental Protection

China governments have been always advocating the sustainable energy development and green industry. Photovoltaic power generation as a new energy is of great significance to achieve it!

Promotion of Chinas Domestic Photovoltaic

1. Incentive from Governments

China abides by a kind of environmental friendly way of life and moves heaven and earth to promote the domestic photovoltaic power generation. Taking the lifespan of solar power generation system into the consideration, every 1 Kw solar system only costs about 1,500 degrees of electricity consumption. To put it another way, the energy recycling exceeds 16.7 times more than the amounts of energy consumption and 24.925 ton of carbon oxide could be reduced during its serving life.

2. Lucrative Return on Investment(ROI)

Normally, the ROI of Solar Energy Generating system is higher than 10% and even up to 20%. Compared with banking savings, or other financing products, the solar energy generating system seems more lucrative and guaranteed.

3. Solar Photovoltaic as Pension Investment

The social security strategy has not be really into every single peoples life in China’s rural areas. For the elderly who are not able to work, pension seems like a hot potato for them. With the pressure of economy downturn and aging of population, not a few people doubts the benefits of endowment insurance. While solar energy generation which is backed by governments’ subsidies and more than 10% ROI, profoundly draws people’s attention. In Zhejiang Province alone, there were up to 20,000 households investing solar photovoltaic as a pension, in the year of 2015.

In 2017, China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative underscores the importance of new energy industry and a host of policies, subsidies are put into practice to realize the goal. In response to ramp up solar photovoltaic, the excellent trade platform - PV Guangzhou takes the lead in displaying premium solar photovoltaic products and gathering exhibitors, visitors across the global to experience the vigorous development of China’s solar photovoltaic industry.

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