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PV Guangzhou Takes the Lead in Boosting PV Industry

It is a common consensus that new energy is going to prevail in future while photovoltaic will be one of the most crucial energy sector with vast potential and governments’ support. On June 16, Launch of Gathering PV Pioneer & News Conference of PV Guangzhou2017 and ‘Belt & Road’ Photovoltaic Industry Development Forum were perfectly rounded off at Loyal Banquet in Guangzhou China. On site, more than 200 high-profile institutes/organizations and delegates from brand companies such as YingLi, Trina Solar, JinKo Solar, etc. were present, as well as over 100 media covering news!

The 9th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition(PV Guangzhou2017)

China’s photovoltaic industry known as the world’s biggest power is of great significance to the global energy development. China has ranked the top for consecutive four years regarding the newly installed solar photovoltaic capacity with record-breaking progress. Regardless of its accelerating industrialism, photovoltaic industry in China also features huge market demand. China’s PV industry domains a certain market share in Japan, America, Europe, India, and so forth, while its emerging markets in South America and Middle East, etc. also remains swift growth.

To create an professional and international trade platform for PV enterprises go global or stride into China, The 9th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition(PV Guangzhou2017) is slated to perform on August 16-18 at China Import & Export Fair Complex. In addition to the power generation stations displayed by Distributor Pioneer Companies, a wide range of premium products will also be staged, including raw material, main auxiliaries, machinery equipment, photovoltaic battery/module/Inverter and the application products. PV Guangzhou2017 is estimated to welcome more than 600 enterprises and thousands of visitors from over 100 countries and regions with an area of 36,000 square meters.

Belt and Road Photovoltaic Industry Development Forum

A majority of countries along Belt and Road Initiative are China’s important partners in the filed of energy sector. Owing to the state-of-the-art cleaning energy technology and the decisive role as an exporter for green and low-carbon energy technology or products, China embraces a new outlook on energy cooperation by taking advantage of Belt and Road Initiative. For the countries along the Belt and Road are most of developing countries, they are the ideals to develop photovoltaic considering its rich lighting resources but poor electricity infrastructure, natural energy and high cost of thermal power. To this end, Belt and Road construction undoubtedly creates a plenty of opportunities for photovoltaic enterprises to have overseas investment.

To grasp the rare business opportunities brought by Belt and Road Initiative and PV Guangzhou, ‘Belt and Road’ Photovoltaic Industry Development Forum is scheduled to inaugurate in parallel with PV Guangzhou2017. It is an info sharing platform that really facilitate the photovoltaic industry’s prosperity and promote sound development of green energy.

Voting Campaign for Gathering PV Pioneer is to Launch

The distributor photovoltaic of blowout development handicaps the market balance and endangers the industry healthy progress. To address this issue, Gathering PV Pioneer, a voting campaign for premium distributor exemplary power plant projects has launched until the deadline of July 15. While online voting will be on July 16-31 and prize appraisal on August 1-10.

Gathering PV Pioneer event is a good way to build up healthy market surroundings and encourage the high-quality products/service. By presenting the utmost distributor power plants and products, insiders have access to learn from each other!

It has been the mainstream to boost solar photovoltaic industry no matter for now or in future. In 2017, it is a key stage for 13th Five Year Plan Energy and Renewable Energy Planning. In this case, the multi-cultural application and large-scale development of solar photovoltaic energy shall be under the spotlights as a big task. As ‘Belt and Road’ Photovoltaic Industry Development Forum and Gathering PV Pioneer these two grand events held concurrently, it is firmly believed that the interaction and exchanges created for industry insiders will play an active role in improving global photovoltaic industry.