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Flash! Guangong’s Solar Cell Exports in Q1 Grew by 6.2% to CNY440 Million
In terms of customs statistics, in this Q1, the solar cell exports in Guangdong province grew by 6.2% to CNY440 million compare to the same period of last year. All in all, it is all attributed to the expanding overseas market and constructive export policy.
Guangdong’s Solar Cell Exports Features
1.Substantial growth on exports in this March. In this Q1, the export value of solar cells in Guangdong saw market turmoil and rebound growth. As the export value recorded the minimum value in this February but amazingly bottomed up in March with an year-on-year growth of 31.5% to CNY200 million.
2.Exports in the way of general trading exceeded 80% of the total while that of processing trading and customs monitoring suffered rapid decline. In Q1, Guangdong’s solar cell exports in the way of general trading was up by 16.5% to 380 million yuan, accounting for 85.5% of the total trade volume. While exports in customs monitoring and process trading decreased by 24.2% and 62.7% respectively.
3.Pakistan, EU and ASEN markets were targeted. 


 Export Value(Unit: CNY)

Growth Rate


190 million



23.69 million


22.04 million


Main Reasons of Export Growth
The emerging markets in India and Africa being great in demand pull up China’s solar cells exports. With regard to the governmental policy in India to boost nationwide solar energy, they are targeted to reach 100,000 MW power generation by 2020. According to MNRE, India’s solar photovoltaic installation during2016-2017 amounted to 5.526GW with 83% year-on-year growth. While it is estimated by Mercom Capital Group that that figure is probable to reach 9GW by the end of 2017, such that ranking the second largest solar PV market all around the world, following by China.
It is also remarkable that Africa has been financed for USD10 billion funds by develop economies and international financing institutes, contributing to the local construction and development of sustainable cleaning energy, seeing that it boasts an enormous solar PV market.
China now is getting down to technical innovation on solar photovoltaic industry. It is the competitive price but reliable quality that China has seen its solar cell exports’ take-off in these emerging markets! Guangong as one of the most important export cities in China, adheres with Belt and Road Initiative to develop photovoltaic businesses and boldly tap into the cleaning energy markets around the world and convey low-carbon green development concept, experience.