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Chinese Entrepreneurs Take Aims at Solar Project Bids in Neighboring Regions
China’s solar photovoltaic industry undergoes an unprecedented innovation period and achieves record-breaking progress! Not only the cutting-edge technologies but the high caliber products dealing with PV sector have penetrated into its neighboring regions, even though it is also credited as the largest PV market in the world.
Executive Chairman of the Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) Paban Chowdhury said nearly 4,000 acres land in Chanpur county is being commandeered for solar power generation use with 1,000 MW capacity, while Power Construction Corporation of China and Bangladesh-owned BPDB are the only two competitive rivals for this solar project biding. The local governments hope grid-connected generation could be practiced in the second half of 2018.
It is not the first time for Chinese entrepreneurs to bid for solar photovoltaic projects in Asian regions, given that a rising number of large bids are performed actively in its neighboring regions. Flaming enthusiasm of Chinese entrepreneurs is ignited. China has replaced European markets and become the new hot land. In terms of satisfying lighting condition, policy supports, low labor cost, Chinese solar module and silicon manufacturers enthusiastically take over many essential new energy projects and put large investment on building facilities locally, lead the world’s photovoltaic industry.
Glimpse at Chinese PV Entrepreneurs Marketing Neighboring Countries
At present, China-based JinkoSolar, Marubeni and the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) have reached financial close on the 1.17GW Sweihan solar photovoltaic (PV)project in Abu Dhabi, among which Chinese JinkoSolar holds 60% shares. Projected to finish in 2019, Sweihan solar PV project will become the world largest power station.
Moreover, the Indian utility Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) in this May has launched its 1.5 GW solar tender, and received not a few bid documents from China; 
Chinese new energy magnet Golden Concord Group Limited(GCL) invested USD800 million for Turkey geothermal power generation projects; 
Chinese leading PV enterprise Hareonsolar announced in May that its joint venture predicts to complete the grid-connected PV project settled in Telangana India. The premium and high efficient polysilicon PV modules developed by Hareonsolar, which helps to reduce upwards of 50,950 ton carbon oxide. 
Chinese investments on neighboring PV projects are far more than these. It is beyond people’s imagination how Asian photovoltaic markets are favored!