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Chinese Leading PV Enterprises Open a New Chapter Overseas

Chinese Leading PV Enterprises Open a New Chapter Overseas
Photovoltaic industry in China has made groundbreaking progresses both in R & D technology and market expansion. Alongside the tremendous market developed domestically, not a few leading enterprises dealing with photovoltaic industry have rolled out strategic tactics to tap into overseas PV market.
JinkoSolar known as the world-class solar photovoltaic panel maker and headquartered in China has also notched up remarkable achievements abroad. In this May, it concluded the deal with Japanese Marubeni Corporation consortium to develop one of the world’ s largest PV power plant in Abu Dhabi. JinkoSolar will be in charge of the technical support and EPC management as the exclusive supplier. According to the VP of JinkoSolar, its market share in South America and Africa is estimated at 30%- 40%, which is a good sign for Chinese solar photovoltaic enterprises going global.

Another solar photovoltaic magnet Trina Solar has also hewed out a productive path overseas. Trina Solar recently announced that it has yielded 3GW output of modules installed along with 25% market share, in India.
India as the third largest market for new energy, has been greatly dependent on China’s PV solar panels. It is reported by Bridge To India, the leading consultancy and knowledge services provider in the Indian renewable market that 8 enterprises are from China when it comes to the top ten suppliers of PV modules in India. In India, approximately 75% PV installation are dependent on Chinese products. To a great extent, China is superior to India in view of photovoltaic industry technology and competitive price.

To stay current with the world, hundreds of brand enterprises took place in Belt & Road Forum for PV Development2017 during August 16-18 which was in parallel with China’s leading show, PV Guangzhou2017. Industry leaders including JinkoSolar, Trina Solar, YingLi Group, shared their successful business experiences and had profound exchanges with the audiences in the light of latest technologies and market tendency.
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