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That’s Why China’s PV Leads The World

By PV Guangzhou Committee

People all over the world have witnessed the explosive growth of China’s economy as well as industry strength. Among which, photovoltaic in China represents one of the most significant industry.

Being known as the biggest installer of solar photovoltaic, China prides itself in both the quality and quantity of PV. For the time being, phenomenal successes have been made:
Largest Output of PV Products
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), most of the world's solar cells are made in China and Taiwan, he adds - more than 60%. The monthly export volume of PV products in the first half of 2017 exceeded $1 billion, as released by General Administration of Customs, P.R.C. Apart from that, other market segments such as silicon, solar cells, PV modules also saw exponential growth, accounting for 21.6%, 36.4%, 40.7% of YOY growth, respectively.
Most Patents of PV Technologies
The rising awareness of intellectual rights gives a strong impetus to the filings of PV technologies of China. The domestic PV enterprises greatly emphasis on the knowledge assets and make stunning achievements.
China topped the list of PV-related patent filings during 2011-2015 that made up approximately 46% of the world’s first filings, as per the report “Intangible Capital in Global Value Chains” released by the United Nations. While silicons, wafers, and modules segments took up the vast majority. From 2000 to 2015 solar module technologies filings were recorded above a half while the solar cell technologies constituted a third and wafers, two thirds.
No.1 of Installed PV Capacity
In view of the latest updates of National Energy Administration, China’s newly installed PV capacity during Jan. - Nov. 2017 was up 67% to 125.79GW. Meanwhile, the distributed photovoltaic shifted to high gears with newly installed capacity of 17.23GW, three times higher than the same period of last year.
China undoubtedly becomes the biggest player in photovoltaic industry on account of its premium products, solid technologies and rich experience. In a conclusion, a soaring number of enterprises have explored the oversea markets, especially in India, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and other regions. Thousands of foreign visitors are brought together each August in China’s premier event - PV Guangzhou which is of great repute in photovoltaic sector.
China has always stayed committed to the in-depth development of photovoltaic technology, while PV Guangzhou has done its utmost efforts to create a reliable trade platform and a good occasion for insiders to communicate! 2018 marks the tenth anniversary of PV Guangzhou, a slew of quality exhibitors as well as products wait for you!