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Outlook in PV Industry 2018

By PV Committee

Installed Capacity in 2017 more than Expected, Continuing to Rise in 2018
Top four PV markets in the world are China, America, India, Japan, accounting for 80% of the world’s market share.
In 2017, the installed capacity in China exceeded 50GW, more than expected. In 2018, the installed capacity of household photovoltaic continues to force, which is expected to reach 6GW. However, the intensity of the ground power plant indicators is likely to lead to more large-scale power plant investment companies looking for the model of PV + . It is estimated that the installed capacity of PV + will reach 15GW in 2018. Adding the ground station targets approved by the Energy Bureau and the commercial rooftop PV project, the installed capacity in PV will reach 55GW in 2018.
The capacity utilization in China's PV industry chain has been significantly increased, manufacturing industry occupying most of the world capacity. And silicon component capacity is about 70% of the world, only the domestic silicon capacity accounting for half of the world.
Large Alternative Space among Domestic Manufacturers
The domestic demand will be higher than 55GW this year, and the global demand will be about 110GW. In addition, the global demand for silicon material is about 410,000 tons; while the demand for domestic silicon material is about 350,000 tons. At the end of 2017, the domestic production capacity of silicon is 26GW, and the domestic production capacity is expected to reach 34GW by the end of 2018. It can be seen that the global supply and demand of silicon remains unchanged. In 2018, the country still needs import. New production capacity starts to be produced, and supply and demand are moving towards balance in 2019. 
In general, there is large alternative space among manufacturers. At present, the gross profit rate of domestic leading enterprise has exceeded 50%. Yongxiang shares, Daqo New Energy, TBEA ranked first in the low-cost. In addition, the newly-increased production capacity is located in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, where the electricity price is relatively low. The cost of leading enterprises is expected to continue to decrease, pushing the industry to form several 100,000-ton oligopoly.
From the point of enterprises, the cost in leading enterprises producing polysilicon has been ahead of the world, for example, the cost in Tongwei, Daqo New Energy, etc, is about 60,000 / ton, lower than the cost in Wacker, OCI. By the end of 2018, several enterprises, such as Tongwei, GCL-Poly, the East, hope that there will be nearly 80,000 tons capacity release.
The Leading Enterprises in PV Industry Gathering in PV Guangzhou 2018
PV Guangzhou 2018 will be held on August 16th-18th, making its debut in China Import & Export Fair again. Covering an area of 40,000sq.m, PV Guangzhou 2018 attracts 600 exhibitors. Some leading PV enterprises joining us and confirmed their booths, such as Longi, Huawei, Sungrow, Yingli, etc. If you want to showcase you products at our fair, don’t hesitate to contact us. You are welcome to participate in PV Guangzhou 2018!