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Have you ever Seen Photovoltaic Hot spring Hotel?

By PV Committee
The distributed PV was booming in 2017, increasing about 42GW new installed capacity from January to September, an increase of 60%, of which the distributed growth was over 300%. Thousands of people started using photovoltaic power. Many new town construction also incorporate the concept of sustainable development into the planning. Especially in public buildings, such as industrial parks, economic development zones, hospitals, etc, has started a wave of PV.
Tuanbo Lake New City is one of the typical representatives on the front edge of this wave of PV. By means of abundant solar energy resources with nearly 80% of the total annual solar radiation, Tuanbo Lake is eligible to develop distributed photovoltaic projects.

Solar energy application is an important part of Tuanbohu Energy New City construction planning adhering to low-carbon technology. In design, it combines with some energy technologies, such as solar energy, geothermal, etc, to realize complementary utilization of resources.
Li Fuquan, the owner of distributed photovoltaic power plant project on Tuanbo Lake Hot spring Hotel, said that they installed distributed photovoltaic power stations on the rooftops to advocate green consumption, and it is profitable to hotel.
As for the project, the high efficiency monocrystalline silicon PERC battery module from Longi is elected as PV components, with a total of 2,650 pieces. It is estimated that the single-watt generation is 3% higher than the conventional component, with strong profitability; The 30kW three-phase grid-connected inverters are selected as the appointed inverters.Believing that PV Guangzhou is an international and professional trade platform,they have confirmed their booths.
In 2018, the distributed PV will be promoted on a full scale. Recently, Notice on the 2018 First Photovoltaic Project Price Prevailing Policy issued by National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC), indicates that the electricity tariffs of all PV power stations put into operation after January 1, 2018 will be reduced by 0.1 yuan. However, the electricity price of the distributed photovoltaic power station with the self-use and the power of the Internet has been reduced by only 0.05 yuan, with unlimited scale. There is no doubt that the market in distributed PV is optimistic.
The analysis by insiders reflects that China's distributed PV market will have a capacity of 6 trillion kWh in the future. As more and more cross-industry owners, like Tuanbo Lake, strengthen cooperation with excellent PV enterprises, like Longi, they recognize PV after a comprehensive understanding of PV. On the whole, the future of distributed PV must be more prosperous, and .the era of photovoltaic is coming.